Amelia Lockhart

Amelia waiting for the wink.

Amelia Lockhart is a witch, who has spent the later years of her life in solitude trying to unmask the hand that guides her. Viator and Sergyi stumbled upon her familiar, a fox, and were led to her hut in the De'Sha region's most prominent forest. She offered to help them hunt down Firvrous Cane in exchange for an amulet stolen from her.

Barely surviving the Akata attack, she channeled her magic through her fox to save Viator, and in return was nursed back to health and her amulet returned. Although she contracted void death, the party made sure she was looked after and send Worthington's healers to tend to the disease.

Offering her thanks, she presented Viator with a gift that could be used to call upon her aid once more.

Boasting an incredible intellect, Amelia shrugs off her frailty by consuming her life with searching for answers. Her quest for such has led her off towards the long forgotten ruins of a tribe of troglodytes.

"Odd, I only predicted two visitors and yet this makes three. What changed your fate, dwarf?" - Amelia