Elhorn on the hunt

Elhorn Gladomain is a ranger of some renown in the De'Sha area. He's said to have tracked a week old trail of gnolls through a forest, and ambushed them on their way to Brighthollow. It's said that during his hunt he didn't sleep at all.

Elhorn travels with his pet companion, who is a hawk named Elseth. The hawk always flies close to elhorn, or rides on his shoulder. They've developed a bond that the mundane stuggle to understand, often finishing eachother's thoughts.

Death of a HeroEdit

Gladomain's greatest gift to the party was his life. Stalling the rat hulk in order for the party to amend their blunder and run cost him everything. Trying to heal him in vain, the party mourned before grabbing his silver weaponry and vowing revenge. Upon slaying the beast, the party sent his body back to Medroit in hopes of preserving it. Elseth brought the party his spirit, fused into a pair of magical lenses allowing them to track the alchemist.

Gladomain's ReturnEdit

Upon his resurrection, Gladomain set out to help Noremac in his plight of hunting down Von Straud. Triumphant, but having suffered heavy losses, Gladomain retired and now chronicles the history of this land in Medroit.