Rannvig showing off his wares.

Rannvig Radahin is the sole proprietor of Rannvig's Animals and Exotic Import Emporium. RAEIE (Ray-eye) for short as well as Fine and Dandy Extra High and Small Hats, Rannvig's cool business head and ability to obtain whatever it is you're looking for has garnered him some respect. Primarily based in Worthington, Rannvig is on great terms with the mercenary guild, and hopeful thieves should keep this in mind before attempting to rob his cart.

Although he was blessed to look more human, his heritage has a mixture of orcish blood in it. He often dresses a bit eccentric or 'showy' to further drive the point he's not some "senseless brute". They say he only shows his green skin when you try to haggle.

"60 gold."

"Rannvig, listen to me, that dog's not worth-"

"60 gold." - Rannvig