Sylvia AvelisEdit


When Sylvia is in direct sunlight, her wings are visible.

Found by a small village on a windy day, Sylvia was adopted and named by the millwrights of the town. She grew up scampering through the fields of grain and helped out by always finding rare stones and artifacts on her adventures, but more than made up for her usefulness with a mischevious streak. She was sent off to a boarding school to acquire a better education when she was seven, however her Aasimar heritage led her to be a social outcast. She became infamous for her fiery temper and pluck, and often got into trouble. She left the school when she was fourteen when she thought she heard someone calling her in the hills nearby. There she found the Clerical Order of Shelyn, and was taken in by them. She was taught much in the way of self control and discipline, and her naturally kind heart made her invaluable as a healer. She begged instruction in the glaive despite her small stature, and vowed to help those who needed it. While she could never master any instruments herself, she sang much like the bird that her goddess is portrayed as, and threw herself into music with as much enthusiasm as her clerical studies.

As she was praying one day before her weapons training, the Order was overcome by goblins, and she was magically blasted into unconsciouness. She awoke to find herself in a cage, still in armour and with her weapon. Four men surrounded her, and helped her out, and that was how she met Sun Lao, a monk who was called to help her by the Wind, Sergyi, a greedy mercenary gunslinger, Morpheus and his bear Smokey, a druid and his animal companion of questionable moralities, and Neville, a conflicted paladin. Dazed and confused, Sylvia's only choice was to join this mismatched crew.

May the Wind guide, Luck favour, and Shelyn Protect them.


"I roll diplomacy to reattach the head" - Sylvia 1012